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What We Offer Transportation

We have a transportation location close to you!

FVSRA programs are located all throughout the Fox Valley region from Oswego to South Elgin. We have updated our program locations with a goal of 15-20 minutes to the program location or transportation location for our residents to make our programs feel a bit closer to home!

Example Program Blurb to show transportation information

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Programs that have transportation options will have a bus symbol noted next to the blurb and will include pick-up/drop-off site abbreviations, when applicable. Those who wish to utilize transportation must indicate their pick-up/drop-off point in the “Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Site” column, located on the registration form, or select the location in the transportation prompt if you register online. FVSRA must know beforehand if a participant requires pick-up/drop-off transportation in order to schedule drivers and vehicles. Unless this column is completed, FVSRA staff will assume a participant has other means of transportation.



Pick Up Point Locations:

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market (SE)
622 S. Randall Rd, South Elgin, IL 60117
Eastside closest to Randall Rd

Kane County Connects (GEN)
719 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL 60134
North Parking log, across from building B

Vaughan Athletic Center (VAC)
2121 W Indian Trail, Aurora, IL 60506
West (FVSRA) Entrance

Aurora Public Library – East Branch (EOLA)
555 S. Eola Rd., Aurora, IL 60504
Main Entrance

Oswegoland Park District Boulder Point (OSW)
0 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery, IL 60543
Southeast corner of parking log


Meet our Fleet:

White wheelchair accessible bus with FVSRA Logo

FVSRA Accessible Bus Names:


FVSRA Mini Van Names:




Transportation Safety Procedures

FVSRA has developed the following transportation procedures to ensure the safety of all. FVSRA reserves the right to refuse transportation to any individual who does not comply with procedures or, if it is deemed unsafe at the agency’s or driver’s discretion.

  • Only participants registered for transportation will be allowed on vehicle.
  • A guardian or caregiver expected to provide 1:1 assistance to a passenger is expected to complete a Transportation Waiver. Contact Operations Manager at 630-907-1114 at time of registration to obtain paperwork.
  • For Youth/Teen programs with transportation, a secondary staff member rides along during the route.
  • Individuals not authorized to be left alone to wait for a ride, or are prone to seizures, must have a guardian meet the vehicle at time of pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Individuals who are authorized to be left alone upon drop-off, will not be allowed to wait unattended in inclement weather; late pick-up and drop-off policies and procedures will apply.
  • Drivers will assist passengers onto or out of the vehicle as necessary. Only trained FVSRA staff are authorized to operate equipment on the vehicle, including but not limited to vehicle lift and tie-downs.
  • All FVSRA drivers complete 6-8 hours of training and must prove an approved driving record.
  • Passengers who use tri-wheeled chairs, or other type of chair not ideal for transportation services, or chairs with brakes not in working condition, must transfer to a stationary seat. If assistance is needed for a participant to transfer to a seat, a Participant Support and Transfer Request for Accommodation must be completed and on file.
  • All passengers must be seated and wearing safety belts.
  • All passengers are expected to exhibit appropriate and safe behavior at all times.
Car Seats

FVSRA recommends car seats for all passengers under the age of 8. Guardians are responsible for communicating any car seat setup needs at the time of registration by contacting the Operations Manager at 630-907-1114. Additionally, guardians are responsible for:

  • Securing a car seat onto an agency vehicle.
  • Securing the passenger into the car seat.
  • Training FVSRA staff on how to secure passenger into
    the car seat.
Door to Door Transportation
We understand that transportation can be challenging. For participants with no other means of getting to the pick-up points, please email a door-to-door transportation request to: Requests will be considered case by case, pending overall logistics. 
Late Pick-Up & Drop-Off Policies & Procedures

Participants are expected to be dropped off at the start of the program time and picked up within 5 minutes of the end of the program or scheduled drop-off time. Drivers will not stay at a pick-up nor drop-off point for more than 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up or drop-off time. The driver will inform the guardians of the remaining drop-off times and will continue their route. Guardians may pick up a participant at any pre-established drop-off site indicated on the Program Flyer or at the facility main entrance of the bus hub of which the address and time will be communicated by the driver. Non-emergency police in the town of the program or bus hub site will be notified and take custody of a participant who is not picked up 30 minutes of the program or rescheduled drop-off time at the bus hub; late fees still apply. Continued tardiness may jeopardize the participant’s ability to enroll in programs or transportation services.


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Jason Posluszny

Operations Manager

Office Phone: Ext. 1214
Mobile: (630) 433-0978


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