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What We Offer Inclusion Inclusion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Inclusion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Any individual who registers for a Member Agency program and has a qualifying disability or health related need is eligible to receive inclusion services.

Participants must pay the program free. However, inclusion services are provided at no additional cost. 

You will receive an email from FVSRA with a link to schedule an appointment to complete our standard intake assessment. The intake assessment is completed over the phone and takes approximately 45 minutes. This interactive process is essential in determining which reasonable modifications are needed to participate in the program successfully. Intakes are updated on an annual basis.

To provide the best customer service, please promptly notify FVSRA’s Inclusion Team when enrollment changes occur.

Inclusion services through FVSRA are provided for all Member Agency programming that requires participants to pre-register and are led by an instructor. Services are only offered during the designated program time.

✅ Before/After School Programming

❌ Birthday Parties

✅ Day Camps

❌ Community Races/Competitions
✅ Early Childhood & Pre-K ❌ Counselor-In-Training Programs (CIT)
✅ Fitness Classes ❌ Drop-In Daycare Services
✅ Performing Arts ❌ Fitness Center Memberships
✅ Sports/Athletics ❌ Garden Rental Plots
✅ Swim Lessons ❌ Individual/Private Lessons
❌ Open Swim Memberships
❌ Parent/Tot Programs

Accommodations for students during the school setting differ from modifications provided in a community recreational environment. While one-on-one support may be preferred, there may be a different level of support determined following the interactive process.

Special Needs Assistants must be 16 years or older and may not have previous experience working with individuals with disabilities. Special Needs Assistants receive ongoing training to provide support using activity modification, visual systems, sensory support, and promoting positive behavior to maximize participation and engagement.

Individuals must be able to meet the essential eligibility requirements of the program. Essential eligibility is the minimum set of factors that determines whether any person (exclusive of disability) is eligible to participate in a program. This can change from program to program but not from person to person. It often includes:

  • Registration fees/charges
  • Age restrictions
  • Compliance with code of conduct and behavior expectations
  • Capacity restrictions
  • Residency status
  • Minimum physical/mental/skill competency
  • Toilet training/Personal care requirements

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