Job Purpose:

To assist the Program Leader with assigned duties during general programs and special events.

  • Must be a minimum of 14 years old.

  • Have an interest and commitment in working with individuals with disabilities.

  • Must have a basic knowledge and understanding of recreation programming for individuals with disabilities.

  • Must demonstrate an ability to work effectively with FVSRA staff and individuals who have a disability.

  • Must be highly motivated and enthusiastic in order to provide a quality experience for those participating in the program(s).

  • Must demonstrate dependability, promptness and punctuality.

  • Must be safety conscious.

  • Must display confidence, maturity, and flexibility.

  • Must have the ability to engage in activities requiring physical exertion.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Adheres to all FVSRA safety policies and procedures and the FVSRA Policy Manual.

  • Must demonstrate the ability to follow directions of the Program Leader and carryout such instructions in a safe and appropriate manner.

  • Must be able to communicate regularly with FVSRA Program Leaders regarding any program-related concerns and direct any questions or concerns to the Program Leader.

  • Must arrive at program site 15 minutes prior to scheduled activity and be prepared to stay after the program is finished to help with cleanup.

  • Must assist with the supervision of participants of varying ages in FVSRA programs, encouraging participation in activities and promoting appropriate interactions.

  • At times be responsible for a small group of participants.  Be aware of their dietary needs, medication, allergies, seizures, behavioral management needs, and daily living skills.

  • Upon Program Leader’s request, be willing to assist participants who may need one-on-one assistance with personal tasks and daily living skills.

  • Must be able to take initiative and help the Program Leader with program preparations such as set up, greet parents and participants, collect lunches, decorate for an event, supplies, equipment and serving refreshments

  • Assist with the pushing of individuals in wheelchairs.

  • Attend meetings, in-services, trainings and orientations relating to FVSRA when necessary.

  • Must be able to respond to needs of individuals with disabilities.

  • Immediately reports all accidents and unsafe conditions to the Program Leader.

  • Cooperates and assists in the investigation of accidents.

  • Provide timely responses to phone calls, voicemails, and written materials, whether received by mail, facsimile, text, and emails, which are sent by FVSRA.

  • Communicate clearly with small groups of people and individuals.

  • Understand simple oral and written instructions related to his or her assignment.

  • Must be able to work under stressful situations.

  • Treats public concerns with the utmost and courteous attention.

  • Perform other duties related to the Volunteer Program Assistant when necessary, or duties in the best interest of the Association when requested by the Support Staff Manager and Program Leader.



Collaboration – Promotes and supports work teams and groups

Reliability – Performs responsibilities dependably and accurately, fulfills promised actions Responsiveness – Focuses on the customer, willingly helps others and provides prompt service

Assurance – Conveys trusts and inspires confidence

Empathy – Deals with individuals, appreciates their differences, handles emotions and shows compassion for others

Self Confidence – Recognizes the contributions of others and is conscious of own ability

Initiative – Begins and follows through energetically with plans and tasks

Communication – Shares information, listens to what others are saying

Adaptability – Makes decisions and solves complex problems

Physical Demands:
The Volunteer Program Assistant must, with or without reasonable accommodations, be able to perform the following functions:

  • Gather, load, transport and set-up equipment and supplies for activities.

  • Physically assist individuals in wheelchairs by pushing, pulling or providing stabilization on unknown terrain.

  • Active participation in programs.

  • Lift and carry as much as 50 pounds for as long a distance as 300 feet.


Working Conditions:
The Volunteer Program Assistant may be exposed to elements when loading and unloading participants or when assisting with outdoor functions.  Most activities are performed indoors; these conditions include lighting and temperature.