Swim Skills & Drills


Join FVSRA Swim Instructors for a small group swim workout at the VAC Pool. This program is designed for individuals who have basic knowledge of the majority of swim strokes and can lap swim independently in the deep end of the pool. The goals of this program are to maintain fitness, perfect swim strokes and improve swim times.

Swimmers must be able to independently swim at least one lap in the deep end of the pool without stopping. FVSRA reserves the right to determine if a swimmer’s skill level is not appropriate for this program.


VAC Competition Pool

  Winter/Spring 2017 Season:

Session One -- Mondays -- 2/6-5/15  7:30-8:30pm No program 3/27

Session Two -- Wednesdays -- 2/8-5/17 7:30-8:30pm No program 3/29

Session Three -- Fridays -- 2/10-5/19 3:00-4:00pm No program 3/31 or 4/14

Session Four -- Fridays -- 2/10-5/19 8:00-9:00pm No program 3/31 or 4/14

Session Five --Mondays -- 6/5-6/19 7:30-8:30pm

Session Six -- Wednesdays -- 6/7-6/21 7:30-8:30pm

Session Seven -- Fridays -- 6/9-6/23 3:00-4:00pm

Session Eight -- Fridays -- 6/9-6/23 8:00-9:00pm

​​Transportation Information:

Transportation not offered for this program.