Special Olympics Youth Basketball



Ages 8-14


Dribble, shoot, score! Learn and practice the basics of basketball as a member of the FVSRA Junior Stars and participate in friendly competition against other Special Recreation Associations.


The goal of this program is to learn fundamental basketball skills while working as a team to develop positive social interactions with teammates and competitors.

(17 Weeks)


All athletes must have a current Special Olympics Medical Application on file with FVSRA. Athletes will sometimes travel to play games against other SRAs. Transportation for away games will only be offered from VAC and WP. 

The Special Olympics District Tournament will be January 7. The ITRS Basketball Tournament will be February 18. Athletes who win a gold medal at the District Competition will be registered to compete in the State Basketball Tournament March 10-12. There will be a separate fee of $75 for athletes who stay with their family or $125 for athletes who stay with the team. 



VAC Fieldhouse



  Fall 2016 Season:

Saturday -- 10/15-2/11* -- 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
*No program/no clase: 11/26, 12/24, 12/31


Transportation Information: