Winner Announcements: FVSRA BBQ & Basket Raffle


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Below is a complete listing of raffle winners from the 2022 BBQ & Basket Raffle. Winners need not be present to win. Contact us at 630-907-1114 to arrange for pick up.


Raffle Basket Name


Basket A: Pic(nic) This Basket!

(Valued at $250)

​Kimberly Cromer

Basket B: Let’s Zoo It!

(Valued at $345)

AID- Cottonwood House

Basket C: Make a Splash

(Valued at $250)

Becky Good

Basket D: Bestie Basket

(Valued at $460)

Pattie Livingston

Basket E: Start Your Engines

(Valued at $460)

Christopher Ziemba

Basket F: Show me the Money!

(Valued at $525)

​Cathy Hoyda

Basket G: Par-fect Day

(Valued at $375)

​Madelyn Steffey

Basket H: Family Fun

(Valued at $250)

Nancy Thompson

Basket I: Rockford Get-Away

(Valued at $235)

Sonya Weinreich

Basket J: Queen for the Day

(Valued at $525)

Sonya Weinreich

Basket K: Tower of Fun

(Valued at $370)

Marcie Boulay

Basket L: SUN-day FUN-day Spruce up the Home Day (Valued at $300)

Marcie Boulay

​Basket M: Tee-Rific Miniature Golf and Swimming (Valued at $350)

Becky Good

Basket N: Splish Splash

(Valued at $300)

Mike O'Connell


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