SOS: Sensory On-Demand Support

Help us help others and consider donating to our SOS kits!

* The image is just a prototype of what may come in an SOS: Break Bag!

Our FVSRA families and caregivers report that there are times during the year that their special needs individual would benefit from extra support in self-regulating. Holidays, special occasions, events, and time changes often create extra stress on individuals who have sensory regulation issues. We are launching an initiative to give tools, education, and support to families in need.

Our sensory initiative, S.O.S (Sensory On-demand Support) will be a three-part plan to bring emergency sensory tools to those who need them or allow one to test out larger sensory items prior to expensive purchases.

Part 1 of the Plan: We will gift Break Bags to families who need immediate sensory support. The bag will include items such as sensory toys, stretchy string, fidget toys, and liquid bubblers. These bags will come with a parent/participant feedback card so that we get input as to the effectiveness of the sensory equipment. We will also encourage parents to send us an interactive photo of the equipment being used.

Part 2 of the Plan: We will create Coping Kits that can be checked out and returned when finished. Each kit will be assembled with the participant’s needs in mind. Boxes will be a mixture of items that provide Proprioceptive Support (weighted lap cushion, weighted vest, stretchy resistance bands), that provide Kinesthetic Support (puffer balls, stress balls, scarves, bubble wrap), that provide Breathing and Relaxation Support (pinwheel, bottle bubbler), that provide Olfactory Support (scratch and sniff cards, smelling bottles), and Items for Oral Sensing Support (whistle, harmonica, party blowers, chewing toys). Most of the items will be returned and reused while some of the items, like chewing toys, will be kept by the participant.

Part 3 of the Plan: Sensory Station will include more unique items such as Sensory Mats, Sensory LED Light Projectors, Sensory LED Bubble tubes, Mini Glitter Lava lamps, Lap Weighted blankets, and Light up Cubes. These items can be checked out and tested to see if it's the right fit for the individual. Try a few body socks or weighted blankets before investing in ones that might not be the right fit. Our try-it-before-you-buy-it concept will hopefully save you time and money as you determine what is best for your individual's needs.

Please assist us in providing this needed SOS for our community to support those in a short-term crisis. Kits are currently under construction but prototypes are ready for the upcoming winter season. Please reach out to if you or someone you know could benefit from an SOS Kit!

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