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Amidst Omicron Surge, We Are Delivering Free Sensory Support Materials to People with Disabilities

For most people, 2022 is off to a difficult start as omicron cases surge. For people with disabilities, disruptions to daily life can be even more challenging because of the ongoing isolation created by the pandemic. We can help by bringing sensory equipment to homes, neighborhoods, and parks. “We created Break Bags as part of our Sensory On-Demand Support area”, says Claire Howes, Day Camp Manager. “These Break Bags are available free of charge to families that are looking for some immediate sensory support through various tactile items to alleviate stress and anxiety and provide comfort.” ​The Break Bag contains items such as sensory toys, stretchy string, fidget toys, communication tools, and liquid bubblers. So far, we have distributed 30 custom kits to group homes through the Association for Individual Development.

My daughter hasn't stopped playing with these items since we got it. These are great activities for her to play with during winter and during COVID. She really enjoys the Play-Doh and noise maker.” - Parent of a 9-year-old participant

We Are Bringing Sensory Support To People Where and When They Need It This program is part of a growing initiative of the organization to bring sensory support into the community. Using a bus to transport both calm and invigorating sensory equipment, we will set up a tent throughout the community, at parks, and at big events. People with disabilities - and their family and friends - will have a better experience at social and community gatherings where they can take a break and recharge. The FVSRA Mobile Therapeutic Recreation Bus would provide equitable access to recreation by empowering play every day.

Fundraising for sensory support, including Break Bags, launched with our Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising campaigns, raising nearly $10,000 toward the $50,000 goal. Donations continue to be accepted at the link below, and fund sensory equipment, including mats, LED light projectors, LED bubble tubes, weighted blankets, and more - plus the bus and tent for transporting them across the Fox Valley. Donate Here "Dave has benefitted greatly from the sensory support provided by his FVSRA Break Bag. At Christmas, we had a lot of last-minute changes in plans due to COVID. He was able to soothe himself with the tactile items in the bag." -Parent of a 32-year-old participant Request a Free Break Bag! To request a free break bag, call 630.907.1114 or email No qualifications or screening are required. Request Free Break Bag Help us help others and consider donating to our SOS kits!

-Parent of a 9-year-old participant

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