FVSRA Bridges its Rich History to a Strategic Vision with Rebranding

The Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA) unveiled its new brand identity with a refreshed logo, color palette and more.

“We are blending the rich history of our past 45 years with the strategic vision of where we are going,” says Alex Engelhardt, Executive Director. “Our new identity is modern, professional and fun, which encompasses our approach to empowering people with special needs.”

The shades of blue evoke a feeling of security and trust, with the professional feel of the deep blue and friendly emotion of the lighter blue. The logo mark includes the traditional star with the addition of a person that is fluid and identified by all.

FVSRA’s value of collaboration is represented in the dual image as one half of the logo is not complete without the other. The person in the star represents FVSRA’s values of putting people first and striving for the best as the individual reaches high.

“Our exceptionally high quality services generate a particular experience in the mind of our customer,” says Eric Smith, Development Director. “This rebrand closes the gap between brand values and customer experience through innovation and design.”

The project is launching at a time when FVSRA’s reputation in the Fox Valley continues to gain momentum and grow in recognition.

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