Now Hiring: Summer Day Camp Counselor


  • Position Type: Recreation/Day Camp Counselor (summer season)

  • Date Posted: 12/23/2019

  • HOURLY: This position receives an hourly rate of pay and is assigned to work less than 1,000 hours from the employees start date to the employee’s anniversary date. FLSA: Non-Exempt DIRECTLY REPORTS TO: Day Camp Site Director JOB PURPOSE: To lead day camp activities for an eight week FVSRA Day Camp site for children and young adults with disabilities. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS:

  1. High School or College student with coursework in Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation, Education or a related field of study.

  2. Must demonstrate knowledge of disabilities and have a proven experience with children and young adults with various disabilities.

  3. Must have a knowledge of recreation activity planning and program adaptations for participation by individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

  4. Must demonstrate enthusiasm, strong interpersonal skills, communication skills and ability to work effectively with people with disabilities, FVSRA staff, FVSRA member agency staff, parents/guardians, participants, school district personnel, community agencies, as well as members of the general public.

  5. Must have good organizational skills and demonstrate the ability to work independent and solve simple to moderately complex problems.

  6. Must demonstrate dependability, promptness and punctuality.

  7. Be a team leader, promoting group cohesiveness.

  8. Be safety conscious.

  9. Ability to engage in activities requiring physical exertion. Ability to perform required duties under stressful situations without supervision.


  1. Attend the orientation prior to the start of camp.

  2. Arrive at campsite 30 minutes prior to camp starting and remain until camp is secure as determined by Camp Director.

  3. Keep all personal camp and camper information confidential.

  4. Responsible for the safety of the campers at all times.

  5. Assist the Head Counselor in planning and leading various camp activities.

  6. Assist Head Counselor with writing weekly activity plans based on the goals for the assigned group.

  7. Responsible for participation in all camp related activities.

  8. On swim days, must have suit on and actively participating in water with campers.

  9. Attend all day camp scheduled or emergency staff meetings.

  10. Assist with camper supervision during times of transportation.

  11. Assist campers in the locker rooms for dressing and in bathroom use.

  12. Responsible for proper use of all equipment and returning it to its proper storage space.

  13. Responsible for the upkeep of all supplies/equipment and facilities utilized for camp.

  14. Perform appropriate leadership duties if requested to do so by the Summer Day Camp Manager or the Day Camp Site Director..

  15. Lead at least one activity per day.

  16. Assist on all field trips.

  17. Maintain an open line of communication with all camp staff. Any problems with campers, staff or camp related issues can be discussed with your Head Counselor, the Camp director, and/or at staff meetings.

  18. Complete final camp evaluations and recommendations.

  19. Strive to make the camp program a rewarding experience for the campers as well as yourself.

  20. Maintain a safe and secure camp environment and experience for campers and fellow staff.

COMPENTENCIES: COLLABORATION: Promotes and supports work teams and groups RELIABILITY: Performs responsibilities dependably and accurately, fulfills promised actions RESPONSIVENESS: Focuses on the customer, willingly helps others and provides prompt service ASSURANCE: Conveys trusts and inspires confidence EMPATHY: Deals with individuals, appreciates their differences, handles emotions and shows compassion for others SELF CONFIDENCE: Recognizes the contributions of others and is conscious of own ability INITIATIVE: Begins and follows through energetically with plans and tasks COMMUNICATION: Shares information, listens to what others are saying ADAPTABILITY: Makes decisions and solves complex problems PHYSICAL EFFORT: The Day Camp Counselor must, with or without reasonable accommodations, be able to perform the following functions:

  1. Gather, load, transport and set-up equipment and supplies for activities.

  2. Supervise individuals, including at times the use of physical restraints.

  3. Physically assist individuals in wheelchairs by pushing, pulling or providing stabilization on unknown terrain.

  4. Physically transfer individuals from wheelchair to chair, into and out of vehicles, from pool deck into pool, in washroom facilities, etc.

  5. Active participation in programs.

  6. Lift and carry as much as 25 pounds for as long a distance as 300 feet.

WORKING CONDITIONS: The employee may be exposed to elements when driving to meetings or when assisting with outdoor functions. Most activities are performed indoors; these conditions include lighting and temperature.

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