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  • Recreation/Gymnastic Instructor

  • Date Posted: 3/5/2019

  • Date Available: 03/01/2019

  • Closing Date: 03/30/2019

  • JOB TITLE: Gymnastic Instructor DEPARTMENT: Recreation HOURLY: This position receives an hourly rate of pay and is assigned to work less than 1,000 hours from the employee’s start date to the employee’s anniversary date. DIRECTLY REPORTS TO: The Support Staff Manager & the Athletics Coordinator JOB PURPOSE: To conduct specialized one-on-one rhythmic gymnastics lessons for beginning to intermediate levels ranging from children to adults with disabilities, in a fun, safe environment. To teach routines and coach athletes in preparation for the Special Olympic competitions and tournaments. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS:


COMPENTENCIES: COLLABORATION - Promotes and supports work teams and groups RELIABILITY - Performs responsibilities dependably and accurately, fulfills promised actions RESPONSIVENESS - Focuses on the customer, willingly helps others and provides prompt service ASSURANCE - Conveys trusts and inspires confidence EMPATHY - Deals with individuals, appreciates their differences, handles emotions and show compassion for others SELF CONFIDENCE - Recognizes the contributions of others and is conscious of own ability INTIATIVE - Begins and follows through energetically with plans and tasks COMMUNICATION - Shares information, listens to what others are saying ADAPTABILITY - Makes decisions and solves problems PHYSICAL DEMANDS: PHYSICAL EFFORT: The Gymnastic Instructor must, with or without reasonable accommodations, be able to perform the following functions:

The employee may be exposed to elements when driving to and from programs or when assisting or leading with outdoor functions. Most activities are performed indoors; these conditions include lighting and temperature.

  1. Three to five years gymnastics experience (or 3-5 years coaching gymnastics)

  2. Ability to instruct all levels of Special Olympic Gymnastics. See for additional information (click on Coaches drop down menu and click on Resources)

  3. Proven experience with children and adults with various disabilities in community recreation or related fields.

  4. Must demonstrate knowledge of disabling conditions, and experience in planning individual gymnastics lessons.

  5. Experience leading and supervising volunteers and part-time staff.

  6. Must have good organizational skills, ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people in and out of FVSRA.

  7. Must demonstrate dependability, promptness and punctuality.

  8. Be a team leader, promoting group cohesiveness.

  9. Demonstrate a professional attitude when working with staff, parents and community contacts.

  10. Be safety conscious.

  11. Good oral and written communication skills are essential.

  12. Must be 18 years of age and complete Handle with Care Training within 6 months of hire.

  13. Ability to engage in activities requiring physical exertion. Ability to perform required duties under stressful situations without supervision.

  14. Teach class content appropriate to the appropriate level of skill to each participant and demonstrate gymnastic techniques.

  15. Assist in communication of opportunities available at FVSRA and the FVSRA philosophy to participants, parents, and other professionals.

  16. Lead programs in areas assigned, and assist in preparing part-time staff and volunteers working in the assigned areas.

  17. Prepare and implement behavior management strategies when necessary, to ensure safe involvement in recreation programs by people with disabilities.

  18. Supervise part-time staff and volunteers assigned to work in programs or events.

  19. Develop skills and abilities necessary to carry out assigned duties by attending meetings, in-service training programs and other opportunities, when scheduled.

  20. Adhere to FVSRA safety policies and procedures.

  21. Maintain constant communication and quality customer service toward parents, staff, participants and the general public, as a representative of FVSRA.

  22. Demonstrate creativity, enthusiasm, and take initiative.

  23. Responsible for collecting and turning in receipts from program expenses in a timely fashion.

  24. Responsible for record keeping such as attendance sheets, as well as incident and accident reporting forms.

  25. Provide assistance and instruction to the participants when needed.

  26. Complete all weekly and daily paperwork and documentation as assigned by your supervisor.

  27. Understand needs of persons with disabilities and adapt activities to enable participation;

  28. Communicate effectively with individuals, and large and small groups of people;

  29. Full range of physical movement including tumbling, bending, stooping, lifting, pushing with arms and hands, walking, standing, etc.

  30. Follows and enforces safety rules and regulations of the gym.

  31. Set up and take down equipment as required.

  32. Receive and understand written materials, whether by mail, facsimile, or email;

  33. Go to and from designated points in a program site quickly and without hesitation;

  34. Communicate and interact effectively with supervisors, partner agency staff, emergency service personnel, other seasonal employees, volunteers, participants, and families; and

  35. Work efficiently and effectively under pressure such as deadlines or emergencies.

  36. Solve moderately complex problems regarding the use of program supplies and materials by participants, behaviors, and facility use;

  37. Solve complex problems arising from the supervision of part-time employees and volunteers;

  38. Report any problems or concerns to the Support Staff Manager and FVSRA Liaisons.

  39. Perform other duties related to the Gymnastic Instructor necessary, or duties in the best interest of the Association when requested by the supervisor.

  40. Gather, load, transport and set-up equipment and supplies for activities.

  41. Supervise individuals, including at times the use of physical restraints.

  42. Physically assist individuals in wheelchairs by pushing, pulling or providing stabilization on unknown terrain.

  43. Physically transfer individuals from wheelchair to chair, into and out of vehicles, in washroom facilities, etc.

  44. Lift and carry as much as 50 pounds for as far as 300 feet.

  45. Active participation in programs. WORKING CONDITIONS:

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