Scholarship Information

  1. For residents in need of financial assistance, FVSRA has limited scholarship funds and/or payment plans available. Please check with the office to make arrangements for payment plans.

  2. Parents and/or participants (over 18 years old) interested in a scholarship must have a completed scholarship application on file at the FVSRA office. If you need a new form, please contact the office and request that one be sent to you.

  3. Submit the program registration form, the scholarship application form and $5 non-refundable scholarship application fee This will initiate the scholarship review and registration process. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified in writing of any scholarship awarded. Your $5 fee will be applied as payment toward the remaining balance after scholarship has been awarded.

  4. Scholarship approval depends on financial need as determined by the Association policies. Scholarships awarded will be applied to program registrations. Special Event programs and private lessons are not eligible for scholarship awards. Scholarship applications can only be considered once all outstanding balances are paid in full.

Please call Carolyn Nagle with any questions regarding scholarships at (630) 907-1114, extension 1202 or send an email by clicking here.