Program Policies

  • FVSRA provides sufficient staff-to-participant ratios to ensure a safe and meaningful recreation experience.

  • When arriving and departing from a program, parents/guardians are required to “check in” with FVSRA staff.

  • Participants must be picked up at the designated time listed in the program guide.

  • FVSRA staff will not be responsible for participants arriving prior to the scheduled program time.


Program Cancellations

FVSRA reserves the right to cancel a program or event due to insufficient enrollment.  Programs or special events may be cancelled due to inclement weather, and make up dates will not be arranged.


Behavior Expectations

FVSRA encourages and promotes the concept of having fun for everyone. However, certain expectations have been created to ensure maximum enjoyment by all.

Participants are expected to display appropriate behavior during programs. Participants will:

  • Show respect to all other participants, staff and volunteers.

  • Not use abusive or foul language.

  • Respect the equipment, supplies, uniforms and facilities.


FVSRA reserves the right to dismiss or suspend a participant if the above behavior guidelines are not followed.



Check back! We hope to have our online registration system available for the Summer 2017 program season!


Suggested Ages and Abilities

FVSRA offers most programs and special events to targeted age and ability groups so that programs can be designed to meet individual needs. Anyone wishing to participate in a program that does not appear to match his or her specific age or ability is encouraged to contact the FVSRA main office at 630-907-1114 for additional information and to determine whether reasonable accommodations can be made.


Safety Policy Statement

FVSRA utilizes PDRMA (Park District Risk Management Agency) to assist in maintaining the highest standard of safety precautions and risk management policies. For more information regarding the safety regulations that FVSRA follows, please explore the PDRMA website at

At FVSRA, safety is the top priority for every employee and patron. FVSRA will not condone any breach of safety rules or regulations made by employees or participants.  We acknowledge an obligation to provide safe working conditions for employees and a safe leisure environment for the community using our programs and services.

It is the intention of the FVSRA to develop, implement and administer a comprehensive safety and loss control program. In all of our assignments, health and safety should be the first consideration. Employees receive regular training in regards to safety precautions for both themselves and participants. All staff have been trained as mandated reporters for the state of Illinois and take that responsibility seriously.

There is a behavior protocol in place for all participants to successfully follow. Please refer to our brochure’s behavior regulations for any further questions.


Staff Ratios for Programs

FVSRA programs are staffed according to the needs and abilities of participants as well as the nature of a particular program. Most programs have one staff to approximately three participants. In some programs, participants have individual assistants due to either the nature of the program or the participant’s behavioral needs. 

By filling out your participant’s Annual Information Form fully and effectively, you can help our program staff plan for our program and safety needs.