Personal Training


Get fit under the guidance of a Fitness Trainer. Participants will use various pieces of fitness equipment based on the assessment of the trainer.


The goal of this program is to meet individual fitness goals (improved cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength or endurance, gross motor skills, etc.) through an individualized workout plan.


Personal training sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Registrants will be contacted by FVSRA in order of registration received to schedule a time slot.

  • Please wear appropriate workout attire (closed-toe shoes, t-shirt, NO JEANS, supportive undergarments, etc.).

  • Participants under the age of 14 will follow an individual fitness plan outside of the fitness center.

  • More information will be available following the registration deadline.


​Winter/Spring 2017 Season:

For more information, please contact Support Staff Manager, Brian Houzenga.


No transportation provided