Eligibility Requirements

All in-person programs have enhanced essential eligibility requirements in order to comply with state and federal COVID-19 regulations and best practices. Along with being mandated requirements, these measures are necessary to keep all participants and staff members safe. We understand these measures may be difficult for some of our participants and may exclude them from returning to in-person programming during the Bridge to Phase 5. We intend to ease restrictions as governmental regulations change based on state progress through the Governor’s plan.

If a participant is unable to meet the following expectations, they may be unable to participate at this time in accordance with current federal, state and local mandates and guidelines. If a participant has been fully vaccinated and cannot meet all criteria below, a reassessment may be completed with Jackie Salemi, Superintendent of Recreation, to evaluate participation. 

• Independently attend to personal self-care such as bathroom needs, hand washing, eating, dressing, and personal hygiene.

• Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or greater from other participants, staff, and community members with minimal verbal reminders.

• Independently put on, wear, and take off a face covering, when necessary and for the duration of the program.

• Participate in the activity without the need for physical assistance (i.e. hand over hand, lifting/transferring).

• Follow FVSRA’s Code of Conduct and participate without emotional outbursts that require direct or close proximity or, which expose others to respiratory droplets (i.e. yelling, spitting or biting).

• Conduct a personal health screening prior to each program. Must be able to honestly answer “No” to all questions.

Please contact JackieS@fvsra.org to discuss any accommodations.