Summer Day Camp

Camp Little Stars- Ages 3-6 Years Old
Staff at Camp Little Stars structure camp keeping in mind that younger children learn
best through direct sensory encounters with their world and by manipulating, exploring
and experimenting. A consistent schedule is followed from day to day, allowing campers
to build trust in the environment as they learn a basic sense of time; recognizing what
comes first in the day, second, next and last. Summer day camp activities include a
combination of both passive and active activities in group and individual play settings.
Arts and crafts, creative drama, games, music, sports and swimming are all part of the
summer day camp experience designed to promote use and growth of cognitive, physical,
communication and social skills. Outings and special guests are planned to enrich
community awareness and experience new recreation opportunities.
June 8 through July 30th (No camp the week of July 4th) 
Monday through Thursday
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Little Stars North: Pottawatomie Community Center, St. Charles
Swimming Facility: Swanson Pool (T/TH)
Little Stars South: South Point Community Center, Oswego
Swimming Facility: Civic Center Pool, Montgomery (T/TH)
Parent Open House:
Friday, June 5 from 4:30-6:00 PM, At Camp Site
Call the FVSRA office if you are interested in registering