In-Person Programming

In-person programs have returned! 

Safety is at the center of everything we do, including our path forward as we navigate the changing Covid-19 environment. Participants interested in our in-person programs must meet the Eligibility Requirements.

If you cannot meet the eligibility requirements but have since been vaccinated, please contact Jackie Salemi, ( to reassess program eligibility. Participant modifications will be evaluated on an individual basis. ​

Individuals who are over the age of two, but not fully vaccinated, are required to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering when visiting the FVSRA office or participating in programs and maintain a six-foot physical distance. In addition, due to recent requirements, those who are vaccinated must also maintain a six-foot physical distance and wear a face covering while participating in programs or visiting the office. 

Join us in person for Fitness, Athletic, Day Programs, or Social Programs. FVSRA staff are working hard to modify our program experience to expand the in-person line-up. Continue to check our program guides for the latest updates on programs. 


We understand that not everyone will be ready, or eligible, for in-person programs at this time. We will continue to offer an extensive line-up of virtual programs to keep you active, healthy, and safe! Most of the virtual person programs are free, thanks to our generous sponsors and donors!


General Questions – Call the FVSRA Office: (630) 907-1114

Program Questions – Call the Program Leader of the program: View Staff List

COVID-19, FOIA or ADA Questions – Call Alex Engelhardt, Executive Director: (630) 330-4022