Human Resources Manager

Job Purpose:

Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service. Updates payroll system. Counsels with department heads and employees regarding performance reviews, personnel issues, scheduling, benefits, wages, etc. Coordinates a variety of administrative duties including facilitating, recruiting, hiring, payroll, performance reviews, orientation, benefits, employee counseling, etc. Ensure that HR policy, procedures, and processes are implemented in a consistent manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field required.

  • Knowledge of human resources trends and issues, procedures, and policies.

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in the field of Human Resources. 

  • Must have strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with coworkers, and member agency staff.

  • Must be organized and able to work independently and with others, train others, and convey a positive attitude to coworkers.

  • Proficiency with office equipment and Microsoft Office software (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word) and QuickBooks. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Oversee system used to hire all employees, including background checks, pre-employment physical exams, communications, and office arrangements. Evaluate and make recommendations for revision to this system as necessary.

  • Assist with creating and posting all job openings.

  • Coordinate needs or requests of employees, with appropriate FVSRA staff (computer, office space, phones, business cards, etc.). 

  • Coordinate the distribution, copying, replacement of the agency keys.

  • Develop and maintain personnel files for all employees.

  • Distribute and explain the FVSRA Personnel Policy Manual to new employees.

  • Provide all employees with information regarding benefits. Enroll eligible employees and dependents in health and other insurance plans, pension plans, flexible spending, and other programs.

  • Serve as the FVSRA contact to PDRMA’s HELPLine as needed.

  • Serve as Secretary to the Executive Director when requested.

  • Serve as the Recording Secretary for the FVSRA Board of Directors by attending all regular and special board meetings and record the meeting minutes.

  • Prepare and deliver, via determined method, all materials for the Board Meetings as directed by the Executive Director.

  • Revise as necessary all job descriptions, with the advice of the Executive Director and the Superintendent of Recreation.

  • Coordinate disciplinary process including assisting with creation of disciplinary write ups, reviewing all disciplinary write ups, participating in all disciplinary meetings, and filing all disciplinary actions in employee’s file.

  • Oversee dismissal process including formulating dismissal letters, scheduling and attending dismissal meetings, and filing all appropriate information in employee’s file.

  • Oversee the implementation process for performance evaluations of employees, including making necessary revisions to evaluation forms, providing necessary information and forms to evaluators, prompting evaluators regarding due dates, distributing completed evaluation documents as required, and filing completed evaluation forms in employee’s file.

  • Consult with supervisory employees as requested to minimize liability for worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation claims and handle all claims made.

  • Provide reports on human resources issues to the Executive Director as requested.

  • For assigned line items, prepare budget projections, monitor expense and revenue, and prepare reports as required.

  • Oversee all FVSRA file collections and the record retention program.

  • Oversee Front Office operations and customer service.

  • Manage cleaning services from outside vendor.

  • Arrange and provide any computer training to FVSRA staff.

  • Assist Business Manager with computer and software purchases, upgrades, installations, and any related issues.

  • Change backup tapes and restore files from backup tapes (as needed).

  • Troubleshoot minor IT issues.

  • Manage relationship with outside IT provider and oversee 1-2 monthly visits

  • Develop skills and abilities necessary to carry out assigned duties, by attendance at meetings, workshops, in-service training opportunities, conferences, and other development opportunities.

  • Perform all duties with an appropriate work ethic, producing work as required and meeting deadlines as required.

  • Maintain a clean and orderly work environment and workroom. 

  • Shall be able to understand complex instructions and solve problems related to the task.

  • Shall be able to understand complex problems related to employment situations and identify a variety of solutions to those problems.

  • Maintain all records including ordinances and resolutions pertaining to staff, Board of Directors, and committee meetings and file with appropriate offices.

  • Serve as the designated Health Benefits Coordinator and Wellness Ambassador for the Association.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.



Collaboration - Promotes and supports work teams and groups
Reliability - Performs responsibilities dependably and accurately, fulfills promised actions
Responsiveness - Focuses on the customer, willingly helps others and provides prompt service
Assurance - Conveys trusts and inspires confidence
Empathy - Deals with individuals, appreciates their differences, handles emotions and shows compassion for others
Self Confidence - Recognizes the contributions of others and is conscious of own ability
Initiative - Begins and follows through energetically with plans and tasks
Communication - Shares information, listens to what others are saying
Adaptability - Makes decisions and solves complex problems

Physical Demands:

The Human Resources Manager must, with or without reasonable accommodations, be able to perform the following functions:


  • Gather, load, transport and set-up equipment and supplies for activities.

  • Reach storage cabinets or areas to place or retrieve binders or documents.

  • Keyboard information efficiently with a high accuracy rate, for extended periods of time.

  • Ability to lift 30 pounds.

  • Pass pre-employment physical and lift test.


Working Conditions:
This job operates in an office setting occasionally assisting with larger Agency programs or Foundation events.  The noise level can range from quiet to loud. When working indoors conditions can include different types of lighting and temperatures. When working outdoors you may be exposed to different types of weather conditions. You may be exposed to elements when driving to meetings or assisting with Agency programs or Foundation events.

How to Apply:

Please send resume to Keith Zalewski, Human Resources Manager, at

2121 West Indian Trail

Aurora, IL 60506

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Walk-Ins Welcome

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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